Charm City Fudgetops

Charm City Fudgetops and Vanillatops are handmade with in an old-fashioned bakery. Taste the real vanilla, chocolate fudge and butter, and enjoy a bite of Maryland!

Vanilla flower

Small Batches.
Hand dipped.

Enjoy the world's best cookie!
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Dummy Big Story

Story 1 With one bite of a decadent Charm City Fudgetop or Vanillatop cookie, you’ll be transported to Baltimore in the late 1800’s, where bakers use old-world techniques to craft the origins of the city’s famous cookie. Rich chocolate fudge, creamy butter, and real vanilla combine in a treat sure to delight all ages.
The shortbread base is light and buttery, and the chocolate or vanilla topping is rich and generously applied for a combination like no other cookie. Grab a tin of Charm City Fudgetop and Charm City Vanillatop cookies for you and one for a friend. You’ll need extras with cookies this irresistible! Pick your favorite flavor, or have it all with a combination pack. Story 2
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